Standard Indicators

Standard Indicators are environmental indicators which are supplied once for each product (not per phase of the lifecycle).

Output flowsoutput_reuse_componentsComponents for re-usekg
Output flowsoutput_recycling_materialsMaterials for recyclingkg
Output flowsoutput_energy_recovery_materialsMaterials for energy recoverykg
Output flowsoutput_energy_exportExported energyMJ
MCItotal_mass_of_productTotal mass of the productkg
MCIinput_feedstock_recycledMass of a product’s feedstock from recycled sourceskg
MCIinput_feedstock_reusedMass of a product’s feedstock from reused sourceskg
MCIinput_feedstock_biobasedMass of a product’s feedstock from biobased (virgin) sourceskg
MCIinput_feedstock_virginMass of virgin feedstock used in a productkg
MCIoutput_collected_for_recyclingMass of a product being collected to go into a recycling processkg
MCIoutput_collected_for_reuseMass of a product going into component reusekg
MCIoutput_waste_energy_recoveryMass of unrecoverable waste through a product’s material going to energy recoverykg
MCIoutput_waste_landfillMass of unrecoverable waste through a product’s material going into landfillkg
MCIwaste_recyclingMass of unrecoverable waste generated in the process of recycling parts of a productkg
MCIwaste_producing_recycled_feedstockMass of unrecoverable waste generated when producing recycled feedstock for a productkg